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Is there a minimum number of participants for the courses from when the course takes place?

As a rule, the cooking courses take place with a minimum of 6 people. If the number is not reached at least 24 hours before the course, the course will be canceled and alternative dates will be offered or the tickets will be refunded.

I am ill, there is an emergency or similar and I cannot come to the course, what now?

That's a shame, of course, but your ticket doesn't expire, you can simply transfer or pass it on to a friend, colleague or someone close to you. A cancellation is possible up to 72 hours free of charge.

How does a cooking class work?

Usually there is a short round of introductions and an introduction by the cook to the course and special foods, customs or similar. The dishes of the course are then cooked, prepared and, if necessary, served in small groups. Finally, we eat together and let the evening fade away. The course lasts about 4 hours.

When should I be at cooking school so I don't miss anything?

As a rule, it is enough to be at the cooking school 10 minutes before the start to arrive comfortably.

Can you only come in a group or can you book the places individually?

All our dates for cooking classes are open classes. So you are free to choose whether you want to come alone, with your partner or with friends.

If you have any further questions, please write to us.

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