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Soybird Studio Athens Vegan Cooking Courses

Ramen & Gyoza

3-Hours Cooking Course

Japanese ramen is very popular right now. The broth is important when preparing it. In this course you will learn two different vegan broths, plus a lot of toppings. And so that we can get a further insight into Japanese cuisine, we prepare various gyoza.

We start with a round of introductions to the participants, then the chef explains the content of the cooking course and the process of cooking together. Afterwards, a buffet of all dishes is set up and eaten together.


We look forward to seeing you!

The Menu for the cooking course

- Spicy miso ramen -

- Peanut coconut ramen -

- Creamy Tonkotsu Ramen -

Minced soy meat

- Fukujinzuke –

Japanese vegetable side dish -

- Rayu chili oil -

- Kimchi -

- Various vegetable inserts -

- Gyoza with pumpkin and leek filling -

- Gyoza with edamame filling -

- Gyoza with mock duck filling -

- sweet gyoza with pumpkin filling- 

- Soy chili dip -

- Maple syrup cinnamon dip -


The menu may vary depending on the number of people. We work in groups of 2 and usually two different dishes are prepared in the time available. A course takes place with a minimum of 4 participants.

Price: € 59,- per person

Inclusive services

- Approx. 3 hour program

- all dishes

- Drinks such as wine, beer and water

- Digital recipes in English, Greek and German

Meeting Point

SOYBIRD STUDIO - Veikou 75-77 - 117 41 Athens/Koukaki

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