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Soybird Studio Athens Vegan Cooking Courses

Oriental Kitchen

3-Hours Vegan Cooking Course

Do you love the Levantine cuisine? Us too!


Let the culinary journey to the Orient begin. We travel through different countries and study their food. Let different spices inspire you to create new dishes at home. We take popcorn falafel to a whole new level. Let yourself be surprised.

We start with a round of introductions to the participants, then the chef explains the content of the cooking course and the process of cooking together. Afterwards, a buffet of all dishes is set up and eaten together.


We look forward to seeing you!

The Menu for the cooking course

- Manti on tomato butter

with yoghurt sauce -

- POPCORN Falafel -

- Roasted Cauliflower -

- Shakshuka chickpea egg - 

- Beetroot salad -

- Baba Ganoush -

- Muhammara -

- Tabouleh -

- homemade Almond Feta -

- Tahini Dip -

- White Bean Hummus -

- Flatbread -

- Muhallebi Pudding with nuts

The menu may vary depending on the number of people. We work in groups of 2 and usually two different dishes are prepared in the time available. A course takes place with a minimum of 4 participants.

Price: € 59,- per person

Inclusive services

- Approx. 3 hour program

- all dishes

- Drinks such as wine, beer and water

- Digital recipes in English, Greek and German

Meeting Point

SOYBIRD STUDIO - Veikou 75-77 - 117 41 Athens/Koukaki

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