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Soybird Studio Athens Vegan Cooking Courses

Morrocan Cuisine

3-Hours Cooking Course

Experiencing Moroccan cuisine is like a sensory journey, revealing the rich tapestry of flavors, colors and aromas from the heart of North Africa. Drawing on a blend of Berber, Arabic and Mediterranean influences, Moroccan cuisine is a celebration of tradition and innovation.

We start with a round of introductions to the participants, then the chef explains the content of the cooking course and the process of cooking together. Afterwards, a buffet of all dishes is set up and eaten together.


We look forward to seeing you!

The Menu for the cooking course

- Tagine with pumpkin -

- Tagine with pear and fig -

- Tagine with carrots, potatoes -

- Tagine with cauliflower -

- Tagine with sweet potato -

- Tagine with tomatoes and almond feta -

- Tagine with eggplant & zucchini -

Side dishes

Zaalouk Eggplant Salad

Raisin and Onion Relish

Ginger-Chii couscous

Cucumber yoghurt dip

Tahini dip



Cashew panna cotta

The menu can vary depending on the number of people.

A course takes place with a minimum of 4 people.

Price: € 59,- per person

Inclusive services

- Approx. 3 hour program

- all dishes

- Drinks such as wine, beer and water

- Digital recipes in English, Greek and German

Meeting Point

SOYBIRD STUDIO - Veikou 75-77 - 117 41 Athens/Koukaki

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